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Development is knocking at the door

Lenore Bloss, a leader of the group fighting Redondo Beach's citizen initiative, cites low levels of residential building in her March 20 letter ("Pro and con on RB initiative"). She failed to mention the zoning changes and projects she approved as a planning commissioner that are being completed this year. These include a 191-unit project, a 48-unit project, a 12-unit project and an eight-unit project -- all formerly zoned for business. That's 250 new condos in one year for just four projects.

There are more. Lenore's residential development numbers are only this low because a citizen referendum stopped zoning for 2,998 condos that she voted for.

When interviewed, Lenore stated that I refuse to compromise. She wouldn't know -- she's never tried. I have reached out to the city and developers to attempt a compromise that would preclude the initiative.

City staff refused to talk. One councilman met with me but offered no compromise. The response from our council has been a threat that the park (at the AES site) is "dead" if the citizens initiative goes forward. One councilman would rather harass petition signers than compromise.

Initiatives were introduced in California in the early 1900s to address situations where politicians ignore voters. The city just announced its intent to reuse the extremely inaccurate and outdated Heart of the City environmental analysis to fast-track harbor rezoning. And zoning for condos on Torrance Boulevard is coming back. Significant development is in the queue. The initiative is necessary to ensure residents have a real voice in these changes.

Letter to the Daily Breeze, March 28, 2007

Jim Light is chairman of Building a Better Redondo.

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