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Web Note from Jim Light, July 2009 -

The California Coastal Commission has voted to accept the upzoning of King Harbor to 400,000 sq ft of additional development which allows three story time shares… provided Redondo makes specified changes. When the City approves the zoning with these changes, they should put it to a public vote per Measure DD. The Coastal Commission decision ignores the City’s circumvention of Measure DD and data from recent City traffic studies demonstrating the new zoning will create traffic gridlock.

A growing group of concerned Redondo residents are exploring the only recourse - a lawsuit for violation of CEQA, the Coastal Act and our City Charter. There is less than 30 days to file on the CEQA violation.

The battle has already started - Councilmen and Commissioners have attacked District Two Councilman Bill Brand for publically pointing out the truth, accusing Bill of misleading the public.

Who is misleading whom? The City used the flawed and outdated 2002 Heart of the City EIR for its environmental analysis, despite a more recent study demonstrating gridlock impacts. The City is misleading the public about the impacts of this upzoning. Several of the Council vowed to follow Measure DD after it passed, yet they refuse to put this major zoning change to a vote of the people.

Our City has an obligation to follow its own charter and to publicize realistic impacts of proposed development.

Jim Light is chairman of Building a Better Redondo.
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