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"The BBR initiative stems from the original Redondo 2002 Heart of the City Development where we led a successful referendum to stop 3,000 condos and the huge development the city planned for the harbor area.

As it stands now, the City is piece-mealing the Heart of the City by breaking harbor development into chunks - they know we can't possibly do a referendum for these smaller dense projects."

- Jim Light, 2007


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BBR's past efforts include the successful Land Use Initiative and Measure DD which became law as a part of the Redondo Beach California City Charter allowing Redondo residents to vote on large scale development in our fair city.

Land Use Initiative

The Land Use Initiative - Text, Synopsis etc
Timeline of the Initiative History 2002-2008 here.

Measure DD Campaign

- Why Measure DD? The benefits here
- Learn about the Facts and Myths of DD
- The Traffic Report: Measure DD & Traffic
- Examples of Voting on land use in other California Cities
Compare Measure DD to Opposition Measure EE

Redondo Harbor and the AES Area

- BBR's 2008 Harbor Commentary on Massive Proposed Development (pdf file)
- UCLA Heart of the City Report
by Renee Moilanen (pdf file)

Archived News

Archived News: Press & Opinion 2009 & earlier here

Current News here

Archived Volunteer info.

Starting a Land Use Initiative in your City?
A Few Things We Learned: Journal of a Volunteer Signature Gatherer


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