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Building a Better Redondo Membership Form

Please complete the following information and send this form, along
with your check made payable to:
BBR HQ, 602 South Broadway Ave, Unit B
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

___ New Member ___ Renewal ___ Gift Membership*

First Name __________________________ Last Name ___________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________________

Basic - $25___ Student - $12 ___ Senior - $18___ Family - $35 ___
Gold - Platinum Levels $ _______ Patron $ _______

Total Enclosed: $___________

Phone No: ________________________________________

*If this membership is a gift for someone, please include the recipients information above and list your information here:

First Name of Giver ______________________________ Last Name __________________________________________

Mailing Address of Giver ______________________________________________________________________________

Email Address ____________________________________________________________________

Thank You for your Membership!!

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Building a Better Redondo (BBR) is a not-for-profit, 501(C)(4) organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of resident quality of the life in Redondo Beach and the South Bay area.