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Building a Better Redondo Supporters
When You Get Involved Great Things Happen
Rally Volunteers Photo by Juan Turcios

BUILDING A BETTER REDONDO supporters are South Bay residents concerned about rampant overdevelopment, re-industrialization of our waterfront and the lack of park space in Redondo and the South Bay.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and contributors, BBR was successful in passing the Land Use Initiative and Measure DD which amended the Redondo Beach City Charter to allow Redondo residents a vote on large scale development.

The current goal is to bring awareness to residents of Redondo and the South Bay on the AES plan to build a new power plant on our waterfront, and learn what we can do to stop it.

Just a Few Names...

Andrew Andersen
Mimi Marrs Andersen
Liz Aschenbrenner
Joan Atchison
Lili Azouz
Richard K. Azouz
Bill Brand, Redondo Beach Councilman, District 2
Ann Barklow
Steve Barklow
Steve Boyce
David Brady
Eva Brady
Brigitte Brand
Bill Busch
Barbara Busch
Vicki Callahan
Byron Porter
Lezlie Campeggi
Steve Carey
Rob Chapman
Bianca Chung
Jennifer A Cintron
Thom Cintron
Sallie Cintron
Melanie Cohen
Anthony Cunha
Jeff Davidson
Brian Falk
Lisa Falk
Hank Folson
Monica Folson
Jillaine Force
Charley Force
Jeff Forshey
Christie Forshey
Robert Fox
Marc Frederic
Gaylan Frederic
Aaron Goben
Barbara Gunning
G. Mickey Haney
Gale Hazeltine
Jeff Hazeltine
Nancy Hirsch
David Hill
Melinda Hines
Joni Hollis
Walt Howells
Walt Hyneman
John Jenkins
Nancy Jenkins
Cheryl Kohr
Irene Kurata
Jim Light
Pat Light
Reggie Lucero
Kelly Martin
Rob Moffat
Linda Moffat
Danielle Moffat
Meta Moder
Thelma J. Muzik
Gerry O'Connor
James Okimura
Brandon Phillips
Charlie Phillips
Rachel Phillips
Sandy Pringle
Kris Quinn
Fred Reardon
Rick Russek
Gemma Scharfenberger
Paul Schlichting
Flo Smith
Roy Smith
Steve A. Smith Jr.
Alexander L. Starr
Dolores A. Starr
Flo Swiger
Cheryl Tchir
Jim Tortorelli
Christopher Tuxford
Kevin Tuxford
Don Vangeloff
Henry Ikeda
Mike Patino
Sandy Pringle
Gary Van Zandt
Christine Wike
John Wike
Pat Wickens
Dave Wiggins, Frmr. President, Board of Education, Redondo Unified School District
Denise Woodruff
Joe Zeller

Don't see your name on the list?
Send us an email and we will be happy to add your name

How You Can Help

Building a Better Redondo (BBR) is a not-for-profit, 501(C)(4) organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of resident quality of the life in Redondo Beach and the South Bay area.

Building a Better Redondo - All Rights Reserved
Contact Us at info@buildingabetterredondo.org

bbr supporter
"We support BBR and the No Power Plant campaign. This is a great opportunity for the South Bay. " - - Residents Andrew & Mimi Andersen
Longtime Residents Jeff and Gale Hazeltine say, "We support BBR - because enough is enough!"